The Angel & Crown was a beautifully simple pub that featured pewter tankards hung in ranks above well-worn wooden surfaces. It leaned over the corner where St. Martin's Lane meets New Row in Covent Garden (at number 58) and was a 
three-minute midday walk from my office. This worked well in its favor.
Incongruously, this faded shrine to English hunting tradition piped out a quiet mix of reggae, ska and rocksteady.
Which also worked well in its favor.
I'd order a small midday beer and let the syncopated tunes carry the morning's stress away.
Over time, I became particularly fond of a former stag and a former stoat who perched opposite each other. They had surely become experts in the reggae genre, which must have at first seemed very bizarre to two creatures whose plaques dated
them to the 1930's.
  The Angel & Crown called last orders for the final time shortly after I first published this artwork. Of course there is no relationship between the two events, he tells himself.
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