“Over to You” is a collection of Roald Dahl short stories. Dahl is best known for his awesome, awesome children’s books, but the common theme of this one is the experience of British fighter pilots during The Second World War.

The sheared wing of a Spitfire floating through space is taken from the first story in the book, “Death of an Old Old Man”. By focusing on a solitary piece of the broken machine and inverting the horizon (which rights itself when you turn the book to read the title), I aimed to visualize the solitude, disorientation and horror Dahl portrays within the work.

I’m two nights in at this point, but I’m liking it enough to post it in-progress.

Oh, and the orange, dark grey and off-white set of concentric ovals before Dahl’s name is a placeholder for the Penguin Books logo.
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