Clients during my stint at Noble were pulled from the ranks of the food industry. When the City of Chicago played host to a food expo, Noble would pick a color theme and invite the big shots of the industry into our offices to get loopy on fancy color-themed drinks. It's good for business.

When a color was determined for a given year's party, the creatives of the agency were pitted against each other to come up with a save the date and invite. First prize? The pride in knowing that your work had been picked. Second prize? No.

These are the illustrations that accompanied my entry for the 2007 Noble Color Party themed "Pomegranate". The save the date is neutral in color, with a hint of the party's color theme streaked along the horizon. Through the clouds we see a party approaching - get it? The illustration for the invite is a blast of pomegranate color, with every element of the party being carried by pomegranates. Thank you for reading. That was long.
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