Remember when Life Cereal added nuggets of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate to their cereal? Neither does anyone else.

For the launch of this new product, some marketing folks sent shirts to celebrities in the hopes that they'd get worn and photographs would appear in highbrow magazines like People. People magazine readers everywhere would then see this shirt, and run out to buy Life Chocolate Oat Crunch Cereal. It wasn't my idea. Anyhow, the shirt needed a graphic that hinted at the arrival of Life's new SKU.

The ham-fisted type treatment is a tip-off to the fact that I was still getting comfortable with Illustrator.

In fairness, it was a pretty good cereal. And right now, a thrift shop near Beverly Hills is displaying a shirt with my logo on it, thanks to a generous donation by Reese Witherspoon.
Another concept that was floated out there. More Life cereal-centric, but less impactful.
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